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A high level of essential oil and a selection of the best plants

The cooperative has always asserted its commitment to producing high quality French aromatic plants. Several criteria are therefore monitored to maintain the characteristics of our products at the highest possible level.

First of all, our internal test plan specifies regular analyses on the health quality of our plants.

Then the varieties used for our crops were selected based on the levels of essential oils they were able to develop. To give our blends the greatest possible flavour, we schedule the harvest in the growth stage when the plant has the highest essential oil levels.



100% French Production from Provence in France

The origin in Provence remains our headline feature. We defend local production and support French agriculture.

We have chosen to offer only products containing neither GMOs nor nanoparticles and never undergoing a radiation process.

Our quality approach is regularly monitored and updated, our processing plant is HACCP compliant.

This means full traceability from the seed to the consumer’s plate. A strong asset for our cooperative!


A processing facility serving production

We take particular care when sorting plants, to offer dust-free blends, i. e. powdered leaves or even soil, because the substance making up this powdery form cannot be clearly identified by the naked eye.

Our tip: To choose your mixture correctly, you must be able to recognise the plants making it up and confirm the recipe stated on the label (proportions of plants used).

The quantity of stems is another parameter checked regularly.


Simple methods to respect every plant

When you cook, you follow your recipe. At the cooperative, it’s the same. Any foreign matter that may be contained in the thresher crude is removed by our unique sorting system, ideally suited to our products.

We don’t tolerate any form of adulteration and comply with the pre-determined composition of blends.

In addition, in order to avoid any allergen risk, our plants only work with aromatic plants.

We can work on precise specifications depending on our customers’ requests: different size distributions and several levels of trimming and sorting are offered.