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Les Aromates de Provence guarantee high quality herbs of Provence: Guaranteed Herbes de Provence Red Label flavours and aromas.

You certainly know this typically French accreditation but not particularly for aromatic plants.

The herbs of Provence Red Label blend was created in 2003:

  • This is a product with certain certified characteristics. So you can read “guaranteed flavour and aroma” on your pack. Indeed, several criteria must be met to apply the Red Label logo, which is mainly recognised in France; Les Aromates de Provence guarantees you high quality herbs from Provence.
  • A precise specification governs production, processing and packaging.
  • The product’s superior quality is validated through analyses and sensory tests performed by laboratories qualified and inspected by the certifying body.
  • This work is done in collaboration with the AIHP (Association Interprofessionnelle des Herbes de Provence, Herbes de Provence Business Association), which is the defence body ensuring protection of the product.

The mixture consists of 27% winter savory, 27% rosemary, 27% oregano and 19% thyme. The proportions of this recipe cannot vary under Red Label certification.

At harvest, we only select plant batches with the necessary qualities to satisfy criteria for the label, namely a bright green colour and an essential oil content above the set threshold. Each plant must therefore receive prior approval.

A minimum essential oil level of 2% is ensured after sterilisation and throughout the shelf life of the blend.

The size distribution (i.e. grading) is also checked so that there are neither too many fine particles that cannot be easily identified, nor too many coarse elements.

The blend is always sterilised using steam. This forms part of the requirements in the specification.

With this blend of Herbes de Provence, Les Aromates de Provence offers you a product of recognised quality with guaranteed aromas and flavours.

You will soon be able to find them in our online shop in various pack sizes: 2.5 kg, 1 kg, 500 g.


Our growers have made a strong quality commitment to offer you the best of their production.