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A history of aromatic plants typically from the Provence region and Passionate producers

Our cooperative brings together producers of aromatic plants and herbs from Provence. Expertise mastered by passionate producers. 

With our thirty years’ experience in cultivating and processing aromatic plants, our cooperative called Les Aromates de Provence is one of the pioneers in the French industry.

Our unique sorting system is located in Trets, at the foot of the Sainte-Victoire mountain. This original production facility allows us to obtain products of incomparable quality.

Our expertise gives you direct access to producers, products in several adapted and flexible pack sizes. These products are offered directly on our website.

Our service quality means we can work and offer tailor-made products in smaller and more diverse pack sizes.

We highlight the Provençal origin of our products and their guaranteed essential oil content. We will meet specific requests for grading using our cutting equipment.

The cooperative has about forty members cultivating an average of 8 ha. Dynamic and involved, our producers are committed to offering you the best quality and highly aromatic products.


United and passionate producers: guaranteeing the traceability of a Provence plant

Our members, located in each department of the PACA region (except Alpes Maritimes) as well as in Drôme Provençale, work using traditional methods to offer you aromatic plants guaranteed 100% grown and processed in Provence.

Traceability that enables us to track all batches from producers to the end consumer. You know where the products come from.

The authenticity of Thyme of Provence, rich in taste and flavour, ideal companion to southern cuisine, is offered here direct from our Provence soil. Its familiar scent of Provence takes us to Pagnol’s country.

The sweet and spicy rosemary used in your vegetable dishes grows to the rhythm of the southern sun.

Winter savory, also known as pèbre d’ail, is used secretly in several Provençal recipes. You can find them in every garden of Provençal houses.

The oregano typically used in tomato sauces is grown for its smell and fragrance, so interesting in cooking.


The cooperative to pool the resources of committed producers

Our farms have remained modestly sized, based on the family farming model. We have chosen to form ourselves into a cooperative to carry more influence in the sector, while sharing our facilities.

With these facilities and our expertise, we can offer attractive volumes and high-quality products from Provence in France.

Our aim is to enhance natural Mediterranean heritage by cultivating traditional and emblematic plants of the Provence region, particularly thyme and rosemary.

We now offer you the opportunity to work with a shorter supply chain, without intermediaries, direct from production.



Contributing to the beauty of Provençal landscapes

Aromatic plant producers are involved in developing their land to participate in the development of rural areas, particularly in dry mountains.

Growing thyme, oregano, winter savory and rosemary contributes to the beauty of the landscapes found in Provence. Committed to preserving this heritage, we maintain and pass on our techniques by sharing our knowledge and by constantly improving our activity. 

Our cooperative is located in Trets at the foot of the Sainte-Victoire mountain.