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28 Feb 2018


An expected recognition

After 10 years of commitment, the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) thym de Provence has been validated. Congratulations to those who committed themselves to this approach to promoting the Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur region!

Grown in open fields or in a natural environment in the Provençal region, french PGI thyme “is characterised by a powerful and spicy aroma and taste compared to other ‘sweet’ thymes”. The specific composition of its essential oil, rich in carvacrol, gives it Provençal fragrances and a legitimacy long-recognised in Provence.

The thyme of Provence, dear to Pagnol, has finally obtained its letters patent, to the greatest pride of its producers!


What is PGI thym de Provence ?

PGI is the abbreviation for Protected Geographical Indication. It is an acronym recognised across Europe that links a product to a region and therefore protects its geographical attribution. There are several requirements contained in the specification, the most important being that thyme must be grown/picked and processed in a defined region.

French PGI thyme from Provence guarantees Provence as the origin of the thyme you are buying. It is thyme grown and processed in the production area, with a history linked to the region. In Provence, thyme has always been used in cooking, to flavour sauces and lift vegetables; its history is intimately linked to the life of Provençal people.