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The cooperative: committed specialists

Our growers are real specialists in growing thyme, rosemary, winter savory, and oregano, but also fennel and sage.

Together they grow these plants to offer them in different forms using the processing facility located at Trets. 

Very special care is taken in the fields to control all the stages of cultivating these plants to preserve their aromas, particularly the drying and threshing stages.

It is very important to exchange and pass on this expertise within the cooperative.

Tailor-made products

Different forms and packaging to meet your needs

Our products are available in different forms: cut trimmed leaves, whole leaves, finely chopped, different types of bouquets, etc. 

The recipes of the blends evolve in terms of aroma, density and size distribution, depending on their intended use, to meet your request.

A wide variety of wholesale packaging is available, as well as herbs under your label: for more information, contact us using the contact form.

Apart from Red Label, which is always sterilised, other plants can also be sterilised on request.

The processing site located in Trets allows us to adapt our process to your request: following your recipes, we work together to offer you a complete personalised and targeted service.

Feel free to contact us using our contact form.

Dedicated cultivation is possible

​A contract can be agreed to cultivate a specific product.

Contact us for more information.

Full traceability

Each batch has thorough traceability, from the seed to final packaging, to facilitate tracking.

Quality is at the heart of our commitment and means we can be very responsive to offer you better service.