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What is it?

A bouquet garni is a combination of several dried aromatic plants gathered into small bouquets using food-grade string.

This bouquet can be used to imbue your marinades and other sauces, and can be removed easily when all the flavours have permeated the preparation.

Generally, the bouquet garni contains thyme from Provence and a bay leaf.

There are of all kinds, short or long, light or dense. This little bundle of dried plants tied together can provide your dishes the “magic” touch that changes everything.

How is bouquet garni used?

Depending on the recipe, it is added at the beginning of cooking and left as long as necessary to perfume the food before being fished out with a fork.

Uses of bouquet garni in cooking:

It exudes its delicate flavours in many recipes, such as the famous pot-au-feu, blanquette de veau, coq-au-vin, beef bourguignon, basque chicken, various stews or lentils with sausages.

Composition of bouquet garni

A bouquet garni contains thyme and bay leaves.


To produce a successful bouquet of aromatic plants, Les Aromates de Provence produce bouquets from plants harvested as branches and processed within 48 hours.

Our bouquets are hand-made and tied using food-grade elastic. They are then dried in a chamber heated to between 33°C and 36°C, with controlled humidity adjusted according to the batches dried.

The aim is to preserve as much of the plants’ colour and essential oil content as possible.

The bouquets we offer for sale on our website have all the qualities necessary for tasty ancestral cooking.

Sage bouquets will lift your rabbit dishes and are essential to your veal saltimbocca.

In our online shop you will soon find our bouquets of sage, rosemary, fennel and bay, and many more besides.