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Accreditation as a measure of quality

We grow in accordance with several quality accreditations: Herbes de Provence Red Label, Organic Agriculture and Thyme of Provence PGI, for which the application is in the progress.

Strict specifications must be met for each of the three accreditations. Every, a certifying body is responsible for carrying out an audit check.

Herbes de Provence Red Label was created in 2003. This guarantees a consistent recipe and an essential oil content of more than 2%. The product is always sterilised.

Establishing Thyme of Provence PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) will enable us to stand out in the market with a product clearly identified by the area in which it is produced and processed.


Aromatic qualities superior to the market standard

The varieties we have selected year after year are perfectly adapted to the soil microclimate and weather conditions of the South of France.

Our expertise means we can harvest plants when they contain the most essential oils, which will give our products a particularly strong taste.

In addition, we work to achieve the cleanest possible product by removing dust and any foreign matter from the raw product.


Our commitments

We guarantee our customers the cleanliness of the product by removing dust and foreign matter.

100% of the plants we offer for sale have been grown in Provence without GMOs.

None of our products undergo a radiation process.

We work only with aromatic plants, excluding any risk of cross-contamination with allergens.

Our products do not contain nanoparticles.


Our technical expertise, the keystone of quality

Thanks to a favourable climate and an appropriate technical itinerary, the plants develop their aromas over the months.

We harvest them at the stage when they are the most loaded with essential oils, which directly influences the products’ aromas and gives them unequalled powers of smell and taste.

Once harvested, the plants are dried gently, ventilated with ambient air on the producer’s own dryer, preserving their primary organoleptic qualities.

This crucial step is well controlled. The moisture content and colour of the plants are constantly monitored to avoid losing essential oils.

The next step is to thresh the dry branches. This detaches the leaves, the prime parts of the plant we are particularly interested in, from the stem. This results in a product we call “thresher crude”.

The cooperative centralises the collection of batches from members to prepare them for sale.

They are cut, sorted and graded to remove all impurities from the product, namely dust, stems and any foreign matter.

The batches are then homogenised and blended following a predetermined recipe.

The last steps are packaging and shipping orders according to meet customers’ needs.

Thus, our specific processing facility enables us to offer high-quality plants (uniform size distribution, no dust and stems, high essential oil content, very green colour...).